I recently photographed The Warehouse for Droese Raney Architecture

The Warehouse is a project initiated by Howard Rachofsky and Vernon Faulconer to make their collections available to curators, scholars, critics and students, and to open new dialogues about postwar Modern and contemporary art. At the heart of the project is an adapted industrial building on 14105 Inwood Road in Dallas, containing art storage facilities, an extensive library, and 18,000 square feet of flexible exhibition space. Here, The Warehouse presents carefully considered, original exhibitions of works from the Rachofsky and Faulconer collections, complemented by art acquired jointly with the Dallas Museum of Art and works on loan from other significant institutions and private collections.

These changing exhibitions are developed specifically to suggest new perspectives on art and invite fresh questions that expand accepted notions of history. Devoted to education, The Warehouse offers special programs and public days; hosts visiting artists and art professionals; and publishes important new scholarship.

© Wade Griffith Photography 2014

I had the pleasure of documenting a day in the life of the BAIR crew yesterday. Formerly B.enviroSAFEBartley Air Integrity Resources is an air quality consulting service for the natural gas pipeline industry. It’s a far stretch from the clean corporate interiors or controlled lighting environments that I usually shoot, but being a Roustabout with a camera is a job I’d look forward to doing again. 

© Wade Griffith 2014

I’ve added a travel section to my portfolio. In the near future I would love to take the different areas of my photography expertise (architecture, portraiture, still life, food) and travel more, documenting all of the different aspects of life and landscapes, buildings and people all over the world. Whether it was for publications, corporations or myself. That would be the best. So I’ll begin by featuring some of the photos that I’ve taken in the last few years and let it grow from there. You have to start somewhere. I’m starting here: http://bit.ly/1m8EBCr

© Wade Griffith 2014

I just wrapped up a shoot at three great retail stores from the luxury retailer Forty Five Ten: Number One, Chapter Two and Five & Ten, all located in Highland Park Village in Dallas, Texas. They consist of a wonderful cafe, book store and fashion boutique. You can view them online at numberonehp.com and shopfiveandten.com © Wade Griffith